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More suitable candidates with performance recruiting!

Is it becoming increasingly difficult or even nearly impossible for you to recruit new employees quickly and predictably for your company? Not with us! It is still possible today if you know how to do it. Forget about the newspaper, the employment office, or job advertisements. The best way to find qualified applicants is through the digital path. With the growing shortage of skilled workers, new approaches and fresh ideas are needed. Welcome to the world of performance recruiting!

Benefits of Performance Recruiting

By increasing your visibility through our campaign, you can enjoy several benefits


Performance recruiting as precision work.

With sophisticated strategies and modern tools, we take a close look at who could be your future top employees. No wastage, no guesswork. We analyze who exactly fits your profile and ensure that your ads land exactly where they achieve the greatest success. And you know what? This is not only efficient but also incredibly effective. With performance recruiting, you not only hit the mark, you score a direct hit. So, let’s stop recruiting blindly – it’s time for precision!


The alternative to traditional methods

Instead of placing ads randomly and hoping that the right people will notice them, we focus on precision and speed. With performance recruiting, we target exactly the talents you need. We take a direct course to the best candidates. And the best part? It not only saves time but also nerves. It’s time for performance recruiting!


The revolutionary approach in talent acquisition

Imagine standing in front of a huge mountain, with your goal being the summit. You could take the old, rocky path that has been there for decades. Or you could take a brand new elevator that takes you straight to the top. Which one would you choose? Exactly, the elevator. That’s exactly what Performance Recruiting does. It’s the elevator in the world of recruiting, a revolutionary approach that completely changes the rules of the game. Instead of following the old, beaten paths, we create new ways. We rely on precision, efficiency, and innovation to find the best talent for you.


New rules with Performance Recruiting

Instead of relying on general job postings, we strategically place advertisements where they reach the desired talents. Instead of focusing on quantity, we focus on quality. Performance Recruiting is not just a new approach – it redefines the rules of the game. With Performance Recruiting, the game becomes more exciting, more effective, and – I promise you – much more fun!

How does our Performance Recruiting campaign work?

Experts in connecting talent with opportunity.

Analysis and Strategy Development

Imagine the first phase as the beginning of an exciting journey. It’s like studying a map together before setting off. We listen carefully to understand what makes your company unique and what talents you need. We take a look at your team, your culture, and the goals you pursue. And the best part? We truly take the time for you. No quick skim, no “that should work.” With us, you get a tailored strategy based on your needs. Because at the end of the day, we want the same thing as you: to find the perfect candidate for your team. So let’s study this map together and find the best way for your recruiting journey!


Target Audience Identification

With the help of sophisticated tools and techniques, we dive into the vast world of the internet to discover where your ideal candidates are hiding. What are their interests? What platforms do they use? These are the questions we answer in this phase. We create an accurate profile of your target audience, so we know exactly how to reach them best. Yes, it’s a bit like detective work. But you know what? That’s the part we love!


Campaign Development and Execution

Now it’s time to get down to business! The third phase is the moment when we roll up our sleeves and dive into the creative chaos. You have your strategy, you know your target audience, now you just need the right content to engage them. And that’s where we step into the spotlight. We design compelling ads that not only catch the eye but also touch the hearts of your future employees. Whether it’s crisp copy, eye-catching graphics, or captivating videos – we get your message across and make it unforgettable. And then, when everything is ready, we set sail and launch the campaign. Our goal? To present your message to the right people at the right time. And believe me, when the first applications start pouring in, you’ll know it was worth it!

Monitoring and Optimization

Now, the fourth phase is where the magic happens. Imagine it as turning on a spotlight in a dark room. Suddenly, you can see everything clearly. Here, in monitoring and optimization, we turn on our spotlight and illuminate the performance of your campaign. We analyze which ads are performing well and which may need a little fine-tuning. With one eye on the numbers and the other on the latest trends, we continuously adjust your campaign to ensure it stays up to date. What does that look like? Maybe we tweak the copy, test different images, or optimize the timing. But don’t worry, we keep you informed and make no decisions without your approval. Because at the end of the day, we’re all a team pulling together.


Evaluation and Follow-up

On to the finish line! The fifth and final phase is no less important than the others, even though the hard work is done. Because now it’s time to celebrate success and start the learning process. We evaluate the collected data, examine the campaign’s performance, and draw valuable conclusions. What worked well? Where is there room for improvement? And above all, what can we take away for the next campaign? That’s right, we not only celebrate successes, but we also learn from our experiences and get a little better with each project. So let’s raise a glass together – to a successful campaign and an even more successful future in Performance Recruiting!


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