Markus Ruediger

CEO & Founder


Markus Th. Ruediger is the CEO of LemonAD Marketing and a strategic thinker and mentor. He originally comes from the traditional automotive industry and has held various leadership positions for over 25 years, including managing director, regional and sales manager positions at well-known automotive companies, as well as numerous interim mandates in medium-sized and industrial companies, and 10+ years of successful work as a trainer and coach.

Today, Markus is one of the most sought-after mentors and trainers for automotive companies, car dealerships, conversion and body manufacturers, as well as the entire supplier industry, helping them to implement new, lean, successful and sustainable ways into their businesses. He is a strategic partner for corporations and SMEs in the automotive sector (including Mercedes Benz AG, Stellantis N.V., AVAG Holding S.E., among others). From his professional experience, he knows the sometimes painful experience of working with different headhunters and personnel service providers, as well as the common challenges from many personnel recruitment, personnel, and off-boarding discussions.

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